Monday, July 1, 2013

Werewolf The Fox TV Series

I recently discovered the ill fated Werewolf TV series that aired on Fox back in 1987. There was a 2 hour pilot that launched the show that would go on to air 28 half hour episodes before being cancelled in 1988.

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The 1980s had lots of cool horror TV shows like Tales from the Darkside, Tales from the Crypt, Monsters, and Freddy's Nightmares just to name a few. Sadly Werewolf got lost in the shuffle it had a different twist on the Werewolf genre, The Werewolves didnt transform because of a full moon but they became aware of their transformation because a pentagram on their palm that was the only signal that the change was approaching. Kinda has a Incredible Hulk TV series feel when Bruce Banner stares at his hand when he is changing into the Hulk.

Werewolf centered around a college student named Eric Cord whose roomate is a Werewolf who end up biting Eric passing on the Werewolf disease to him. Show really had some cool special effects for its time. Soundtrack reminds me of Creepshow 2 lots of rock guitar and delayed whammy bar effects, so 1980s. Best parts of the show are the Werewolf vs Werewolf fights. I heard shout factory was going to release this series on DVD but it got cancelled for some reason due to licensing I heard. I hope it finally comes out. The only other Werewolf show right now is Teen Wolf on MTV.

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