Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Curse of Chucky DVD arrives in time for Halloween

There is a new Child's Play film coming out this October 8, 2013 just in time for all those who love watching horror movies around Halloween! The film is straight to DVD, and once again features Brad Dourif doing the voice of Chucky, the demonic doll as he did in the original classic film from the late 1980s. In this film instead of terrorizing a young boy and his mother, Chucky target is a young girl named Nica who is played by Brad Dourif's daughter, Fiona Dourifs.

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Judging from the trailer it looks like looks like a return to the original Good Guys toy concept, from the first movie. The doll looks very close to the one from the original "Child's Play" movie.

From what I heard There's is another "Child's Play" remake in the works. I am guessing the movie studio probably just wanted to crank out something quick to get the Chucky Child Play brand franchise re-established with a current movie audience, prior to the reboot going into production. 

This might explain the modest budget that went into Curse of Chucky, which doesn't bother me, I am looking forward to this DVD. Here is the artwork and trailer.

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