Saturday, June 29, 2013

Halloween Sneak Preview 2013

Its close to that time of year again! 124 days till Halloween! Let the countdown begin. Halloween brings out the imagination and wonderment in both kids and adults.

Merchandise associated with Halloween is some of the most cleaver, and unique I have ever seen. Manufacturers aim to put out better items year after year!

I love Halloween! Here I present a sneak peak of Halloween items for 2013. Many of these items will be carried in my 2CoolGhouls eBay and Amazon stores.

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Legless Jack Animated Halloween Prop
Legless Jill Animated Halloween Prop
Both make sounds eyes light up

Giant Goliath near 7 foot posable skeleton with multiple points of articulation and movement stand 6 foot 6 inches tall

Animated Haunted Cockcoo Clock Sounds and Lights Reaper springs at the push of the button

Morphing Second Skin Skellington Halloween Body Suit comes in Small, Med, Large and XL very comfortable costume come with glow in dark skeleton design

Pumpkin King Animated Halloween Prop stands over 7 Feet Sounds, moves and lights up

The scary beast Krampus Latex Halloween Mask! I hope all you boys and girls have been good!

Animated Trick or Trunk Halloween Tree Candy Server Lights and Sound features spooky owl hovering over candy dish!

Animated Grim Reaper with Banner
Features LED eyes moving jaw and banner and 3 different audio tracks
World War Z has been a big hit in the movie theaters this summer some of the Masks from the movie are sure to be a hit this Halloween.
More items to come Stay Tuned!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Godzilla Roars Back Again

It been many years since the 1998 Godzilla Reboot disapointed so many long time fans of the Giant Green monster from Japan. But not Warner Bros will again reboot Godzilla with director Director Gareth Edwards. From the stills I have seen, I must say I am excited.
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Several monsters are reported to be involved in the rampage scenes, and Godzilla will be facing off against some new Monsters, but I am not sure how closely this reboot will follow the TOHO originals. I hope Mothra makes it into the new film. Here is a picture from set Godzilla is set to be released May 2014.

Speaking of Godzilla I want to talk the underrated Godzilla The Series Cartoon that got kinda lost in the shuffle back in the late 90s on Fox Kids. I personally think that the toon was better than the 1998 film.

I personally like the opening of the show where Godzilla climbs and wraps itself around a tall building King Kong style. The show ran from 1998 to 2000. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.
Here is a clip to a episode of the Godzilla The Series Toon

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Man of Steel Review

I saw the new Superman "Man of Steel" over the weekend and I have to say it was great, way better than Superman Returns, and the certainly better than the last two films from late great Christopher Reeves era, Superman III and 4.

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I really enjoyed the back-story, it was what made it for me. I didn't miss all of the campy humor of the 80's Superman's. It excluded "awkward nerd" Clark, Jimmy Olsen, no phone booth changes, and bad one liners. I liked that this one laid out why he had his given powers, not just that "He's superhuman, let your mind conclude how".

The fight scenes with Zod were over the top, and I enjoyed that but couldn't help but think that they were pandering to short attention spans but it worked well. Kinda felt like those old school Godzilla films where Tokyo was being destroyed when Godzilla went on a rampage. Too bad Russel Crowe wasn't in the film much although his "ghost" does make a return and Kevin Costner made a good Papa Kent. Overall I give a 4 out of 5 and I would see it again.

Man of Steel is doing good box office business we will probably get that much rumoured Justice League film.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel Superman at the crossroads

The new Superman Man of Steel opened early this morning and I cant wait to see it. Having grown up with comic book heroes, Superman was the first hero I enjoyed as a child. Flash forward to 2013 and the upcoming film I can only hope Superman can find a audience with current movie fans.

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Its been seven years since the last Superman Returns film and we have seen Superman struggle gaining acceptance from those who love Batman, Spiderman, The Avengers, X-Men and Iron Man.

I hope Man of Steel finds a younger audience and garner some crossover success again like the Superman films of the late 1970s.

With that said Superman has got some cool promotional ties in to promote the film like this Carl Jrs Ad