Sunday, May 18, 2014

Godzilla Movie More Human than Monster

I saw the new Godzilla film last night at the Drive Inn at Ennis Texas and have to say the experience was great.
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The film itself seems to be more about the people than Godzilla itself. Godzilla took a long time to actually appear, and the film starts off Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad,  plays a scientist who finds seismic activity at a Japanese nuclear power plant a little bit suspicious. 

A radiation outbreak occurs, and leads to the death of Cranston's wife, and many of power plant workers. Flash forward 15 years later, Cranston is haunted by those events and the film catches up to Cranston and his son Ford who is serving in the Navy who downplays his fathers efforts as crazy.

The power plants tries to cover up the fact that mutant creatures have been feeding off the radiation and created Giant super monsters and that eventually leads to an absolutely beautiful fight scene between these giant mutant monsters and Godzilla.

Godzilla is massive stands 355 feet tall and just looks menacing and angry. Throughout the film I felt it had a Cloverfield creature feel to it. The actual fight scenes are dark and shadowy. 

There is a highly emotional spot where Godzilla is being ganged up on by two of the giant mutant creatures and is almost beaten and killed but manages to use its fire breath to destroy the creatures in the end, leaves Hawaii, and swims out to sea.

Overall great film, beatifically shot could use more monster fight action and less human storyline taking the spotlight away from Godzilla.  I mean the film is called Godzilla, and people buy tickets to see Godzilla and not some guy in the navy. Hopefully the upcoming sequel will focus more on Godzilla, seeing it so far has made $97 million in the current weekend box office some huge numbers there! Godzilla is alive and well. "SHOP 2COOLGHOULS" 

If you saw the new Godzilla did you like? or hate it? Post your comments below I love to hear from my blog followers.


  1. Nice review. The film understood the appeal of Godzilla and that's what I liked the most about it.

  2. Thank you Ive been going through the old Godzilla films on Netflix seems sometimes Godzilla is a Villain and sometimes a Hero. The new film Godzilla is a hero.