Monday, July 21, 2014

The Purge 2: Anarchy Review

I watched the much anticipated sequel to last year's Purge film last Saturday night. Film opens with news reports on the yearly event of mass legal killing and violence that citizens come to know as the "Purge" The film centers around a group of strangers who meet each other by chance and decide they don't want to die and struggle to find safe haven for the next 12 hours of chaos that ensues.
 Throughout the film a underground leader named Carmelo, urges people to rise and stop being oppressed and to fight back from those profiting from the purge aka the super rich.

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This is where purge also speaks to some level of social commentary, a message of social and economic inequality that so many in society struggle with today. There were scenes of masked gangs kidnapping people to be sold, auctioned off by the super rich and killed for the thrill. Really messed up themes here.  One scene towards the end, when the alarms rang, everybody all at once decide to stop killing, I found kinda ridiculous. 

Overall I enjoyed the film reminded me more of films like Ice T Surviving the Game and Roddy Piper's They Live than last year's Purge film that was centered around one family inside their home.

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