Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Toxic Avenger Remake meets The Terminator

News on the Toxic Avenger Remake is Arnold Schwarzenegger star of The Terminator, Conan and Predator is in talks to star in this reboot about 98 pound nerd that falls into toxic waste and becomes transformed into a deformed monster superhero in the New Jersey town he lives in.
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Toxic Avenger is a low budget cult classic from the 1980s that spawned many sequels, none better than the first. I remember when I first saw it on late night cable TV, I was 13 years old, and the movie blew my mind! it was so over the top funny, gory and loaded with off color humor! I still remember the scene where the click of gym rats ran over the kid riding his bike. It was equally funny how they exploit New Jersey stereotypes as well.

Years later this movie still makes me laugh. Whenever the remake comes out, I will  definitely go see it, but it will be tough to top the charm of the first film. Here is the trailer from the first film.

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