Monday, September 1, 2014

As Above So Below Review

I saw the new As Above So Below horror suspense film last Saturday night. Given all the trailers I saw for the film, I was pumped to see it. Having watched it, it came off like a twisted version of Goonies, but with a ending that didn't seem to make sense.
Film starts out with a student who wants to find a healing stone in the city of the dead, also known as the catacomb's of Paris where at one time, was where the people in Paris, France buried the dead. She eventually gathers a friend, and group of tunnel experts, to uncover the secret of the tunnels in the catacomb's.  "SHOP Halloween at 2CoolGhouls"

Eventually all hell breaks loose when the team lose their way in those dark creepy tunnels, and the undead come alive and wreck havoc on the team of tunnel explorers.

Members of the team find the stone, and it used to revive some from near death, while others end up not so lucky.

The ending was lackluster, and I wasn't a fan of all the shaky film camera angles that make you nausea after seeing them too much. Overall the set designs were creepy, and it was a pretty unique film. I would watch again on Netflix. 
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