Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The unaired Elvira Show from CBS

Back in 1993 CBS had plans for a Elvira show but it was never picked up. Here are the pilot episodes.

Plot of the show Elvira has moved to Manhattan, Kansas, with her wacky aunt Minerva and their talking cat. Elvira is working as a fortune teller and selling love potions on the side! Everything is going just swell until Elvira falls for a hunk named Chip who is actually an undercover cop there to bust her for a phony love potion that put one of her poor customers in the hospital! Elvira also learns about her long lost niece, Paige, who has just showed up on her door step and plans on staying for a while. CBS rejected the show and Three years later in 1996, Sabrina The Teenage Witch gets produced by ABC with same concept.
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